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Grow Thrive Inspire

Sep 30, 2020

It’s the first week of the month which means we are having coffee with one of our Brokers and this month we are having coffee with Jason Whittle!


Former NFL pro turned real estate pro gives us some REALLY good Morning routine tips and tells us why he begins each day at 4:47am.



Jason explains how in the NFL every minute of his day was managed by coaches and head office people, literally every minute!

And then in real estate how ZERO of his day is managed by anyone else.  So he says structure and routine are KEY.


He talks about being intentional about what’s important, or it will not happen.


One of my favorite pieces of advice he gives is this:  Don’t be too busy working IN your business to work ON your business, because working ON your business will allow you to be more efficient. 


Press play on this short episode PACKED with great stuff to help YOU succeed in the real estate business!


Here are a couple of references mentioned in this episode of Grow Thrive Inspire Podcast:

The Miracle Morning.    


Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.


You can connect with Jason here:

fb: Jason Whittle all pro team RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks

Instagram:  @jasonwhittleallproteam