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Grow Thrive Inspire

Jul 27, 2022

John and Emily Askin are Broker/Owners of RE/MAX At Home and RE/MAX Preferred in Oklahoma. They are the ideal example of Grow, Thrive, Inspire and we are honored they took the time to be on our show! 

Their office has the highest volume in sales for RE/MAX offices in the state of Oklahoma.  They both lead with excellence and have put in place an excellent support team who does their job very well. 

I love how John shared that they looked at franchise models and chose

RE/MAX for the best tools and systems to establish their real estate brokerage.  

John and Emily both explain that they are always learning and always growing and they have created a culture of this in their office, which in our opinion, has allowed their agents to Thrive!  

In their discussion with Kaylen, John and Emily give great advice to business owners who wish for their offices to succeed to their highest potential.  We hope you enjoy their conversation and take away ALL of the valuable information they share to help you grow as an individual and business owner. 

You can connect with John and Emily here:      

FB: @johnaskin

IG: @johnaskinokc