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Grow Thrive Inspire

Sep 29, 2021

This episode is  20 minutes long and is a great listen on your way to work this week.  Be Inspired as you grow and thrive in your profession this week.  Inspire others around you!

SNUB= Stop Negative Unproductive Behavior.  Our guest this week is our Director of Camdenton Office and Social Media Manager, Susan Snyder. 

I love this topic and what Susan and Kaylen have to say about it!  This is such a great episode for us all to stop and listen and think about., and ask ourselves the question of how we each are doing in this area. 

Susan gives us three good reasons to avoid SNUB in your place of work that will blow your mind.  Who knew??

Susan shares a really great quote: ‘Great minds discuss Ideas,  Small minds discuss people.’

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Thank you for listening to Grow Thrive Inspire Podcast!