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Grow Thrive Inspire

Jul 6, 2020

Our first episode!  Two of our broker/owners talk with Kaylen about our RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks Mission Statement, and what it means to Grow, Thrive, Inspire!

One of our guests is Jeff Krantz and you can find him on Instagram and Facebook at Krantz and Associates. Jeff and his wife Melissa co/own the company as well as Krantz and Associates real estate team. Our second guest is Jason Whittle. He and his wife Natalie are also partners in the company and the Jason Whittle All Pro Team.  Check out Jason Whittle All Pro Team on the Instagram, and Facebook. Both Jeff and Jason share a more in-depth look into our company’s mission statement and what it means for each individual in their personal life and professional life! 

This conversation is a do not miss full of great insight on being a real estate agent at the lake, but also real value for any professional! A couple of my favorite parts in the conversation are when Jeff shares information on how we can work to live, instead of living to work, and Jason shares that our mission statement helps us not to lose what we are about and where we are going in the midst of change and growth.  They talk with Kaylen about their ‘Why’ and share why that is such a necessary part of everyone’s business.


We are SO excited to bring this podcast to you.  We have so many great things to share about our lake community and tons of great information for not only real estate professionals but anyone interested in living the lake life at The Lake of the Ozarks.


Check out our Facebook page Grow Thrive Inspire Podcast on Thursdays for Open House information. 

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