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Grow Thrive Inspire

Jul 13, 2022

We cannot contain our excitement. Our guest this week is the real Nick Bailey, president and CEO of RE/MAX.  

Kaylen gives a dynamic, professional, and exciting interview with one of the VERY best in the industry. This episode is packed with the most valuable information for YOU as a real estate agent.  Find out what Nick means when he says the following:

‘People buy houses every year’.,and  ‘Don’t rent your business, own it!’.  He also answers the popular question, ‘Do we have an inventory problem?’

One of my favorite parts of this episode is when Nick reminds us that,

our goal as a real estate agent is not to worry about fluctuations such as market conditions, interest rates, etc.  Our goal is to understand them to help a buyer or seller navigate them. 


I also love when Nick and Kaylen discuss how we can deal with all of the noise around us such as the tech industry, market changes, and interest rates.  Nick says, ‘Stop worrying about your data and worry about your database’. 

Nick, Yes! You are thriving in your goal serving RE/MAX and it’s people, and you have inspired us all! Thank you! for coming on the show.