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Grow Thrive Inspire

Sep 1, 2021

We are honored to have Mary Kay as our guest on the podcast this week!! I love hearing how she got started in the entertainment and events profession and her passion for it!

Find out why she describes 2020 as a ‘virtual gut punch’!  Can we all relate? Listen to learn how the venue at Lake of the Ozarks had a rebirth, what saved it from being bulldozed for a subdivision, and why Artists love to perform at Ozarks Amphitheater!

‘Helping guests create memories that last a lifetime!’  this is what the ownership and their team does at Ozarks Amphitheater.  Help them out by purchasing a ticket and enjoying a show!  The talent that is coming through our lake area is phenomenal and we are grateful!

The Season re-cap at the end is informative and very exciting as we look ahead to next season.  Whaaatt?!?!  CNN filmed REO Speed Wagon live at our venue, who was there??

This is a place at the lake that all generations can enjoy!  You can see the schedule and purchase tickets at the following:

Bridal Cave is cash or credit card and printed tickets. 

Split Arrow boutique — credit card only, mobile device tickets.

Call the office:  573-346-0000

OR purchase online at

Look for the ‘Save Your Seat’ program October 9-10, click here to find out more:

Also check them out on FB @ozarksamphitheater and Instagram @ozarksamp