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Grow Thrive Inspire

Sep 16, 2020

In this episode,  Kaylen sits down with Central Bank lender Bridgette Bigelow. They share really helpful information on how Central Bank can help meet your needs to realize your dreams in the Lake Area!


Did you know you can not only receive a loan to purchase your home, but also apply for a bridge loan for those improvements you want to do right away?! 


Central Bank is here for you and your personal and specific needs.  They can help you achieve your dreams for owning lake property, or opening that business, or completing those remodel projects you’ve been dying to complete.


I really loved Bridgette’s Advice to clients who are interested in purchasing a home: Come see one of our lenders first!  Get pre-approved!  Find out what you can afford, or maybe that you can afford more than you thought!

The best way to find out what the current interest rate is, is to come in and we can look at the rates and discuss the best options and possibilities for you.


You can find Central Bank Locations here:     

For more information on topics that were discussed today check out their website:


A huge Thank you to Central Bank Lake of the Ozarks and Bridgette Bigelow for taking the time to be a guest on our podcast.  RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks appreciates all you do for our community!